Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Status Quo

Cherilyn was able to make another trip to New Orleans to see Brayden on Saturday. He remains out of the cardiac ICU but in the NICU. No real progress since I last updated. He is not doing bad but he seems to have backtracked just a bit. They are working on stabilizing his breathing and his blood pressure. One problem my sis and brother-in-law have had is getting consistent, clear information. Most of the staff at Children's Hospital have been fantastic, but there are a lot of staff there. Andrew calls the hospital multiple times a day to check on Brayden's status, but that means he's talking to a variety of different nurses and staff, especially when he changes from one unit to the next. The fact that Cher and Andrew are rarely at the hospital in person, especially on a weekday, makes it hard for them to get the clearest info possible straight from the doctor. At any rate, Brayden's condition remains the same. Pray that he will progress quickly and that his mom and dad will get some clarity about his status.

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  1. Someone from the doctor's office was supposed to call Andrew yesterday, but they didn't. Hopefully they will today.