Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brayden Update

I finally have some new news to report and it's all pretty good. Andrew and Cherilyn just spoke with one of Brayden's cardiac specialists. He says that Brayden is doing good. He explained that Brayden's shunt is intentionally too big for him so that he can grow into it. However, this means they have to monitor some overflow and this is normal. They do currently have him back on his bottle. Yay! The surgeon wants Andrew and Cher to come meet with him in person on Monday so that he can thoroughly explain Brayden's diagnosis. The specialist anticipates the earliest Brayden will be discharged is sometime next week. He says Brayden will not have any special needs when he goes home and that he does not even recommend utilizing a heart monitor. He said that Brayden should be expected to have a normal life. Yay, yay, yay!!!

In other news, Cousin Nicole went to visit Brayden earlier this week. Considering that she's pregnant herself, it's back to school time for her, and she hasn't been feeling well, it was really nice of her to check on Brayden. She read to him while she was there and said he stared at her with big eyes the whole time!

Kayelyn is doing well, too. She and Cher got to spend a couple of nights at Nana's earlier this week and reports are that she went home a little spoiled! (Shocker). She's eating and sleeping a LITTLE better and she is definitely spending more time awake during the day.

MaKenna, Andrew's toddler, is adjusting to being a big sister. I need to post some pics of her on here soon, too. She's a really smart girl! Unfortunately, the other day she managed to get her hands on a pizza cutter while her Cher Cher was in the same room with her, and may or may not have "massaged" Kaye Kaye with it! Don't worry - no scratches on the baby. In fact, I think KK slept through the whole ordeal but it sure did give Mommy and Daddy - and Kenna, too - all a big scare!

I think that's all the news for now. Will continue to keep you posted!

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