Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Step Closer to Coming Home

So, mom called me this morning and we just got some exciting news. The hospital called Andrew this morning and said Brayden was being moved out of the cardiac ICU and moved to a room upstairs. They also said that Cherilyn needs to get to New Orleans and stay with Brayden now because he will no longer have a nurse with him 24/7 like when he's been on the cardiac unit. While this is all fantastic news, it was also unexpected and rather sudden and has everyone in a bit of an anxious, frantic scramble. Mom took off work and is going to help Cher pack. Mom will be watching Kayelyn for the next several days while Cher is away. Andrew also had to take off work since he and his sister will drive Cher to New Orleans later today. For those of you that know Cher, you know that she is not particularly independent so she is a bit nervous at being stranded at the hospital in New Orleans by herself with no transportation for several days. She is excited to see Brayden and to prepare to bring him home, but she will also be missing Kayelyn.

If we understand correctly, it's fairly likely that Brayden could get to come home as soon as this weekend. Of course, this is subject to change. It will be good for Cher to spend some time with the nurses learning how to care for Brayden. I know she is feeling a mix of emotions right now: joy, excitement, nervousness, anxiety. Please pray for her and for my mom and Andrew and Kayelyn and Brayden and the rest of the family. And, yay - Brayden may be home soon!!!


  1. yeah!!! that's great news. still praying for all of you. i'm sure it's just as hard for you to be away as well.