Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Take It Back - A Retraction of Sorts

Sorry about this, but the plans have changed again already. The original purpose of this blog was to try to keep family and friends current on the most up to date info about Brayden. Unfortunately, it seems like as soon as I post an update, something changes. Anyway . . .

Cher just sent me a text saying that now she is NOT going to New Orleans today. Apparently, they are sending Brayden back to NICU for a few days. This is still an improvement, but he's not in a room where Cher can or needs to stay with him yet. From what I understand, the plan as of right now is that he will stay in NICU for a few days and THEN be moved to the 6th floor room and at that time my sis will need to go stay with him. So, we are probably still a week or so away from him coming home, but who knows.

The changing information is a bit frustrating. This plan is actually a more logical one and probably a better plan all the way around, but remember that Mom and Andrew both left work this morning and have been scrambling around making plans and now they'll be postponed. Oh, well, Brayden is doing well and these frustrations are relatively minor I suppose!

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